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How does Restore Micro-Sliced Chia work for you?

Prenatal, Natal, and Postnatal

For expecting mothers, nutrition for your baby is of top priority, though it’s easier said than done. Good quality and safe nutrition can be a challenge, as well as expensive to accomplish. From doing research to purchasing and preparing, it can be overwhelming.

Here’s where Restore Micro-Sliced Chia can help. It’s the world’s most powerful superfood. This means that your body recognizes the Restore Micro-Sliced Chia as a natural food, so the nutrition absorption is 100 percent.

It contains almost all the nutrition both you and your baby require, namely the rare omega-3. If you didn’t know already, omega-3s are critical for your child’s brain development and formation of the genitals. It is also vital to prevent postpartum depression.

While you can get omega-3 oils from fish oil capsules, they are known for carrying the risk of mercury contamination and the omega-3s being oxidized. This means the capsules are essentially useless as they are compromised.

Restore Micro-Sliced Chia ensures you and your baby receive the necessary nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy, providing peace of mind.