Spanish Fusion Quinoa Salad

Holá, amigos! And selamat makan!

That means “Hello, friends” and “Happy Eating!”. The reason we’re bilingual today is because we have a special fusion salad with Spanish and Asian flavours.

This salad has 8 different ingredients of vegetables, beans and fruits so imagine the amount of health in this recipe!

This dish is PERFECT as a lunch meal, a side dish for dinner or even a cold snack!

Here’s how to make it…

Prep Time:
15 mins

Cook Time:
10 mins


NOTE: To serve more people just increase as needed!


2x Cup of Cooked and Chilled RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa
1/2 Red Onion (chopped)
1x Whole Yellow Capsicum (chopped)
1x Cup of Tomatoes (chopped)
1x Cup of Black Beans ( drained and rinsed )
1x Cup of Sweet Corn (frozen or canned. Use kernels, NOT CREAM! )
1x Cup of Coriander (chopped)
2x Stalks of Spring Onions (chopped)
1/2 of an Avocado (sliced) OPTIONAL
1x Cup of grated Cheddar Cheese ( sharp or mild to taste )

Salad Sauce:
4-5x Limau limes ( juiced )
3x Tablespoons of Virgin Olive Oil
1x Teaspoon of Chilli Powder ( to taste )
1x Tablespoon of Cumin ( to taste )
Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper (to taste)

This recipe requires cooked and chilled quinoa.
Click here to learn how to cook quinoa.

!! NOTE: If you’re using canned vegetables, wash
and rinse them first  to get rid of the salt and preservatives !!


FRESH vine tomatoes are best for this salad. However, you can also use cherry tomatoes or chopped canned tomatoes if you like! We hope you enjoyed this SUPER nutritious, SUPER delicious meal.

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1) Prepare your vegetables. Chop the spring onions, red onions, coriander, yellow capsicum and tomatoes.

2) In a large bowl, add the chilled RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa.

3) Then, add the spring onions, red onions, coriander, yellow capsicum, black beans, tomatoes and grated cheese! Set aside.

4) Now, make the salad sauce. In a separate bowl, juice the limau over a strainer. Then add the Virgin Olive Oil.

5) Next, add to the sauce the chilli powder, cumin, black pepper and salt. Stir well.

6) Pour the dressing over the salad and toss the salad very well.

7) Grab a plate and spoon the salad onto it.

8) Garnish with slices of avocado and coriander.

9) Grab a spoon. Time to ENJOY!