Mint Pea Quinoa

Peas are one of our favourite ingredients! The tasty green pea has an impressive amount of nutrition. It is low in calories and contains just about every vitamin and mineral your body needs. Plus, it is SUPER DELICIOUS when combined with mint!

In this recipe, we mix peas with RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa to make a simple meal that’s PACKED with nutrients, fibre health.
Here’s how to make it…

Prep Time:
20 mins

Cook Time:
10 mins


NOTE: To serve more people just increase as needed!


1 Cup of Cooked and Chilled RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa ( white or tri-colour )  
1x Spring Onion (finely chopped)
1x Green Peas
1x Cup of Chopped Mint Leaves
1/2 Lemon
Black Pepper

This recipe requires cooked quinoa. Click here to learn how to cook quinoa.

You can use canned green peas for this recipe too. Remember to drain and rinse before use.


Want extra nutritious? Extra delicious?
Enjoy this dish with a fried egg.

We hope you enjoyed this SUPER nutritious, SUPER delicious meal.
For more recipes, click here. Cheers to your health!


1) Chop the spring onion and mint leaves. Set aside.

2) Pour the chilled quinoa into a large bowl.

3) Add the green peas, spring onion and mint.

4) Next, juice the half lemon and add the juice into the bowl.

5) Season with a pinch of salt and black pepper (optional).   

6) Grab a spoon. Serve and enjoy!