Magical Mexican Quinoa Fiesta

You can make a 5-Star Deee-LICOUS Gourmet meal with this recipe!

It’s “gourmet” because it tastes so good and is soooo healthy. And it’s SO EASY to cook!

This recipe is Perfect as a complete lunch meal or as dinner with a fried egg and grilled chicken

Prep Time:
15 mins

Cook Time:
15 mins


NOTE: To serve more people just increase as needed!


1x Cup of Uncooked RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa ( White or Tri-Color )
2x Cups of Water.
1x Cup of Cooked Black Beans ( drained and rinsed )
1x Cup of Sweet Corn (frozen or canned. Use kernels, NOT CREAM! )
1x Cup of Yellow Onion (chopped)
1x Whole Red Capsicum (chopped)
1x Teaspoon of Salt 
½ Teaspoon Black Pepper (optional)
2x Heaping Teaspoon of Cumin powder
1x Heaping Teaspoon of Chilli Powder ( to taste ) 

!! NOTE: If you’re using canned vegetables, wash and rinse them first  to get rid of the salt and preservatives !!


Want extra nutritious? Extra delicious?
Enjoy this dish with a fried egg.

We hope you enjoyed this SUPER nutritious, SUPER delicious meal.
For more recipes, click here. Cheers to your health!


1)  Wash Quinoa and add to wok.

2) Add water.

3) Add all ingredients.

4) Cover and bring to boil.

5) When boiling leave cover on wok, lower flame to LOW.

6) Cook on LOW heat EXACTLY 15 minutes.

7) After 15 minutes, remove cover and stir.

8) Replace cover.

9) Turn flame OFF.

10) Allow to sit for 2-3 minutes.

11) Uncover and SERVE!

Note: Can Add cheddar cheese after cooking/OPTIONAL