Mango Mint Walnut Quinoa Salad

Mango is high in Vitamin C and minerals. Walnuts are brain food with lots of Omega-3. Mint is just delicious. When made into a salad with RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa and drizzled with fragrant coconut oil, this is a tasty afternoon lunch that’s PACKED with fibre, Omega-3 and health. Here’s how to make it…

Prep Time:
20 mins

Cook Time:
10 mins


NOTE: To serve more people just increase as needed!


1 Cup of Cooked and chilled RESTORE™ Bolivian Quinoa
1x Cup of Chopped Mango
1/4 Cup of Chopped Walnut
1 1/2x Cup of Chopped Mint Leaves
2-3x Tablespoon of Coconut Oil

This recipe requires cooked quinoa. Click here to learn how to cook quinoa.


This recipe is a brain booster because of the Omega-3 in walnuts. If your diet needs more Omega-3, try our RESTORE™ Chia which contains TWICE the amount of Omega-3 found in walnuts, and 8X the omega 3 in salmon!

We hope you enjoyed this SUPER nutritious, SUPER delicious salad. 
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1) Pour the chilled quinoa into a large bowl.

2) Add the mango, chopped walnuts and mint leaves.

3) Next, add in the coconut oil.

4) Stir all the ingredients together and mix well.

5) Grab a spoon. Serve and enjoy!