Month: October 2018

Yogurt Bowl

Yogurt Bowl Download Recipe The healthiest yogurt to shop for is PLAIN GREEK YOGURT. Plain yogurt is healthy with protein, calcium and probiotics. However, most people don’t enjoy the sour tangy taste of plain yogurt. Kids, especially. This recipe will show you how to turn plain yogurt into a SUPER DELICIOUS  treat with fresh fruit, …

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Yogurt Fruit Smoothie

Yogurt Fruit Smoothie Download Recipe There is NOTHING healthier or more yummy-licious than a fruit yoghurt smoothie. Plain Greek yogurt is so healthy with protein, calcium and probiotics. And fruits contain a variety of essential minerals and vitamins your body needs. Combined with RESTORE Chia, this recipe will give you a powerful, creamy drink that …

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Hot Cereal

Yummy Chia Hot Cereal Supreme Download Recipe Hot cereal is a popular breakfast in America. It’s similar to warm oats with milk! This recipe will show you how to make a HEALTHIER, MORE NUTRITIOUS version of hot cereal using RESTORE Chia. Why is it healthier? Because it contains a THIRD of your daily fibre intake …

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