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Fulfiling your nutritional needs has never been easier with Restore. Scroll down to explore all the health benefits of Restore superfood!

Why Choose Restore’s Products?

Actual Nutrition

Restore’s products contain actual nutrients. No gimmicks, no nonsense, what’s advertised is what you get!

Natural Nutritions

The nutritions inside Restore's products are 100% bioavailable, making it a SUPERFOOD that's completely different from supplements or medicines.

Most Affordable Nutrition

At just SGD 1.44 per serving, you get the best of everything in just 1 tablespoon.

Fast and Easy

Skip the overnight soaking, parking, shopping healthy meals, cooking, and cleaning up. It’s always been fast and easy with Restore; just mix with water and drink in 2 minutes.

Complete Nutrition

Except for vitamins, Restore Micro-Sliced Chia contains almost ALL the nutrients your body needs!

Restore health naturally

The organic and 100% bioavailable nutritions help to RESTORE your health naturally, curbing cholesterol, diabetes, fatty liver, and more!

90 days money back guarantee

As long as you follow the instructions behind the bag.

Safe for anyone

Restore is 100% ORGANIC. Safe for anyone to consume.

The only superfood that works!

Nutritions are absorbed into the bloodstream. improving your health from the inside.

Your Healthy Meals Made Delicious

Restore Micro-Sliced Chia

Made from high-quality chia seeds, Restore Micro-Sliced Chia provides super rich omega-3, fibre, protein, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs. Take it as a part of your daily diet and see the health benefits for your high cholesterol, hypertension, diabetes, and more!

Restore Quinoa

Best known as the KING OF SUPERFOODS, Restore Quinoa makes the perfect rice replacement. It’s made from 100% pure organic Bolivian quinoa with super rich fibre, protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants excellent for your healthy, less-sugar diet!

Satisfied Customers Share Their Stories

Restore Singapore: #RestoreTheHealthOfSingapore

My BP has normalized to 120/80, frequent bowel movements in the morning and evening. My overall health has been better. I can go on just one main meal a day! Never felt so good for a long time.

Christopher Choong

No gastric or wind anymore. My gastric pain is GONE!

Elaine Lee

My knees are no longer in pain. No more constipation. I used to be 69.8 kg… now just 60.5 kg

Mohamad Khair Amir bin Mohd Khalid / Diana

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